Thursday, November 5, 2009

Installing SnowLeopard on MacBook Air with USB pendrive/thumbdrive/stick

Installing Snow Leopard on MacBook Air without Remote Disc

  • Insert SnowLeopard DVD in a Linux system
  • Insert a 8GB thumb drive in a USB port in the same system
  • /dev/sr0(DVD) and /dev/sdb(THUMBDRIVE) may be different based on your setup
  • Issue the command "dd if=/dev/sr0 of=/dev/sdb"
  • Insert the thumbdrive in MacBookAir USB Slot and restart
  • Hold down the ALT key at boot until two volumes are shown "Macintosh HD" and the second one as "Mac OS X Install DVD" or similar
  • click on the option related to USB Drive "Mac OS X Install DVD"
  • Snow leopard automatically selects "Macintosh HD" as install destination, oterhwise do it manually
  • Enjoy after installation

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