Friday, November 27, 2009

Snow Leopard and Reliance NetConnect Broadband+

The following method as of now is working only in 32bit SnowLeopard.
By default SnowLeopard boots 64bit kernel.

step 0)
To boot 32bit kernel restart MacBook and
hold 3 and 2 keys together at BOOT TIME till
you see ivory apple on screen (better till you see desktop screen)

step 1)
Goto the following link

Download the following three files from the above site into thumb drive
(using windows or on a system where internet works)

1. TOOL-DashboardInstaller

2. MobileConnectDriver(

3. HUAWEI_UMTS_Dashboard_MACB301D 11SP00C03(ISO).zip

step 2)
copy all the above three files to MacBook via ThumbDrive
connect Reliance NetConnect BroadBand+ to MacBook
(ignore the cdrom icon shown on MacBook.)

step 3)
First install the driver.
by double clicking and following typical mac os X style installation
(I hope the modem is already activated by some other means.
Otherwise separate procedure has to be followed)

It shows three new devices.
Huawei Modem
Huawei Diag
Huawei PCUI.
(In openNetwork Preferences
set phone=#777
username=10-digit-mtd-startingWith 93xxxxxxxx
password = usually same as username
for all three interafaces.
Dont try connect as it does not work)

step 4)
Unzip (1) and (3) dashboard utils (1.5 MB file and 11 MB file)

step 5)
Remember 1.5 MB file unzip dashboard utility is used to install
11MB file (UMTS dashboard file)

step 6)
Tool-Dashboard Installer will ask the file/app/widget to be installed.
It displays a File Choose button.
Choose the result of unzip file from which is
MobilePartner or MobileConnect

After MobilePartner installs you will see the application icon on the
bottom panel (application launcher)

step 8)
double click mobile partner
choose Tools->options
Edit Profile and select Reliance as server provider.
It is also possible to select new Profile
Click Edit->
set phone=#777
username=10-digit-mtd-startingWith 93xxxxxxxx
password = usually same as username

Choose CHAP as authentication protocol save profile
Choose this profile "Explicitly instead of Reliance"

step 9)
Click connection Tab.
Click connect and it should work.
(Atleast worked for me)

Enjoy if it works
else try again
else cry once

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  1. Now 64bit driver works too.
    Here is the path.
    As you already have the app for 32bit just download the 64 bit driver here.

    now 3+2 shit at boot time is not required.